Meet the professionals who are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

At Homes of Personal Enrichment & Sobriety Services (H.O.P.E.S.S.), we have a team of dedicated and licensed professionals who partner with you on your journey to health. Our dedicated staff are experts in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders.

We have the desire to guide you in your recovery. Contact us to know more about our programs and how we can help you.

Rhonda Kiphuth

Rhonda Kiphuth Executive Director

Rhonda is a native to Arizona. Born and raised in Arizona, she has a strong love for our state. She recently completed her Master’s in Substance Abuse Counseling internship with Hopess and has now been promoted to Therapist. Rhonda struggled with her own addiction for 23 years and finally found the strength to turn her life around at the age of 44. With God’s grace and six months in treatment, the seeds of wanting to become a counselor were planted. She is a graduate of Grand Canyon University and is passionate about helping others turn their lives around. Rhonda as been working in the field of addiction for sometime. She has worked in residential treatment settings as a Behavioral Health Technician, and most recently a Case Manager Supervisor. Rhonda began her recovery journey and then went after her dreams. She recently celebrated 11 years of sobriety at Hopess and is a fantastic mother, friend, and therapist! Rhonda uses a unique blend of her own life experiences and education to help guide our residents through the ups and downs of recovery.
“2022 Mercy Care RISE Aware Nominee in the area of Innovation.”

“In early recovery one of the most important concepts is to give back what was freely given to you, I feel like I am blessed to be able to do that daily.”


Zach Perrino

Zach PerrinoOperations Director

Zachary came to Arizona by way of New York. Zach has had many ups and downs in his life including drug addiction and incarceration. Since working on himself and transforming from the person he was into the person he is today, Zach has realized that his passion is to help others see that there is a better way to live. Zachary loves to connect with other and help show them that with hard work, determination, and humbleness, nothing is impossible.

John Bynum

John BynumFacilities Director

John is a critical piece to the operation of our Mission and Vision. John ensures that our facilities are safe, clean, and exceeds the standards of care that is set forth by the department of health. He over see’s maintenance and kitchen staff. He is a retired Corrections Officer from Arizona. After 20 years in the corrections industry, John has continued his mission to help others. He is a recipient of the Arizona Corrections Life Saving Award. He is experienced with working with adults with mental health issues from his corrections experience and he continues to want to help others.

Ali Bosworth

Ali Bosworth BA Clinician and Documentation Specialist

Ali is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. She worked many years in Public Relations and received her Associated in Business Organizational Management from Rio Salado. She is currently in the process of obtaining her Master’s Degree through Grand Canyon University. Ali is currently in recovery herself. She struggled with a debilitating addiction for more than 7 years. Through hard work and dedication, she has remained sober since 2/14/2018. She has a strong spiritual faith and works the 12-Steps Program of Recovery. She continues to make time to be of service by sponsoring women at local treatment centers here in the Valley. Ali’s personal recovery journey has brought first-hand knowledge of resources, programs, services, tools, and tips to rebuild lives. She is passionate about her own recovery and is enthusiastic to share her spiritual strength and hope to others. “I believe in the healing power of fun, friendship, and laughter–that treatment should be a positive and uplifting experience.” Since getting sober she has rebuilt family relationships, including those with her children. She is currently engaged and enjoying life to the fullest in her sobriety.

Gina Paone

Gina Paone BA Clinician

Gina Paone was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She has personally struggled with addiction, codependency and mental health issues. After spending 10 years fighting this disease, she was able to get the right treatment for her co-occurring concerns. Gina was able to overcome her hurdles, has maintained sobriety, and is a strong advocate for those struggling with co-occurring disorders. Gina gives the love, patience, and tolerance to the residents at H.O.P.E.S.S. that was so clearly given to her on her personal journey to wellness. Through Gina’s dedication and hard work she was promoted from BHT to Assistant Program Manager. She always remains teachable and is a great example to those in treatment who are learning how to navigate recovery!
“2022 Mercy Care RISE Award Nominee in the area of Compassion.”

Amanda Rosales

Amanda Rosales Assistant Operations Director

Amanda survived an abusive childhood. She witnessed domestic violence regularly and endured physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. The adults in her life were the farthest thing from safety and they engaged in drug use. Due to this instability in her life, Amanda turned to drugs. She continued to be in the cycle of abuse and endured severe physical abuse from her partners. She had her first son and vowed to never use again, however she ended up relapsing and placed into a drug induced coma. When she realized that she could have left her son without a mother, she got back onto the road of recovery. This is where she started living her life for herself. Feeling abandoned by almost everyone in her life, she started working and piecing her life back together. She found her soul mate and had her second child. Through sobriety she was able to mend her relationship with her mother and she drew upon the love of her grandparents to get her through difficult times. Today, Amanda is passionate about helping others get out of the cycle of abuse – from domestic violence to drug abuse. Today she celebrates with 10 years of recovery, and she uses her past to teach others how to clean up wreckage of your past and how to begin living the life of your dreams!

Britni Mark

Britni Mark HR Director

Britni was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. She was born into a family of addicts and was introduced to drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Britni began her battle with addiction at the age of 11 years old and she battled her addiction for the following 15 years. During this time Britni experienced incarceration, homelessness, and relationship abuse. She decided to turn her life around in 2019 and she has been remained in recovery ever since. Britni was hired as an overnight BHT at Hopess, but her dedication to our residents, her passion for helping others succeed and her excellent follow through on her employment requirements made her advance to a day shift and then into a management role. Britni is highly respected by her peers. Her strengths are organization and being an amazing team player.

Andrew Lane

Andrew LaneBA Clinician

Andrew was born in Omaha Nebraska and grew up there with 3 siblings. He grew up with fantastic parents and fondly remembers going to church, camping trips, youth camps, and later assisting with running the camps. in 2014 Andrew went to Grand Canyon University to get his bachelors in counseling with an emphasis in substance abuse and he is currently in his Masters program. He has been working in the substance abuse field since 2018 and has been passionate about helping others in their recovery ever since. Andrew got married in 2019 and loves his life with his wife and four cats! He enjoys hanging with friends, playing video games, and board games. Andrew was born with a nerve disease that required multiples surgeries in his youth. It affects his legs, making it difficult to walk long distances, but he has learned to adapt. His dad taught him early on “If there’s a will there’s a way”. Andrew utilizes his inner strength that has helped him overcome his personal challenges and helps others learn to find their own will to change their lives for the better.

Kristina Jackson

Kristina JacksonIntake Clinician

Kristina is a recovering addict. With more than 5 years sober, Kristina has been able to rebuild her life back. She is currently in her Master program for Mental Health Counseling. She strives to treat the whole person who has an addiction. Kristina believes in the importance of giving back to others in recovery due to the many people who have helped her on her recovery journey. “I can’t pay it back, but I can pay it forward.”

Kristyn Spero

Kristyn SperoProgram Manager

Kristyn struggled with addiction for many years and was in and out of the Justice System. In 2019 she realized she could no longer live the destructive path she had been living. She put herself through college and graduated with an Associates in Applied Science from Rio Salado College. She earned her Peer Support Certification, Mental Health First Aid, and became CPR/First Aid/AED certified in November of 2022. In December of 2022 became employed by Hopess. Through the support of the staff at Hopess, she continued to develop skills to help others recover from their addiction. Since working at Hopess, Kristyn obtained her Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card, became a Licensed Behavioral Health Technician, and was promoted a Program Manager of the Scottsdale location. Kristyn is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and she plans to continue her career working with addictions. “Hopess gave me the chance that I needed to prosper in the Behavioral Health field. With nearly five years sober, my life has completely changed. I work with dually diagnosed addicts on a daily basis. Nothing has ever been more rewarding than helping these individuals learn life skills and helping them through their journey of recovery. I have superseded my own expectations and doors have opened in my career that I never dreamed were possible.”