Admission Criteria for Hopess

  1. Must have an active substance use or mental health disorder causing disruption into your day to day life.
  2. Must be able to commit up front to 90 days of treatment. Though your treatment may be shorter or longer, a 90 day commitment is required upon admission.
  3. Must not have physical limitations that would prevent you from bathing, dressing and feeding yourself.
  4. You are permitted to smoke, but no vapes, rolling tobacco, or chewing tobacco. Tobacco pouches are permitted as well as regular cigarettes.
  5. We have a house phone in order for you to make phone calls on. You can earn your cell phone/lap top or other electronics after 60 days if you have completed select treatment plan goals created with you clinical team.
  6. You can have visits and passes starting after 30 days, as long as you are doing well in your program. Visits with children can occur after 3 days. Other visits may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Our program is like a School of Recovery. You will be in groups and 1:1 therapy during your week. You will have homework and will be required to attend all groups and complete all assignments.
  8. We use Salibas Pharmacy. Therefore, you never have to fill your medications on your own. Your medications will be delivered to the door of the house you will live at.
  9. You can have drop offs of items you need. We just need notice of when someone will be dropping off for you.
  10. We can work with your legal issues. You can attend your court dates. If you are ordered to complete drug classes, anger management and/or domestic violence classes, you can complete those through us. This work can be added to your treatment plan. You will get a separate certificate for these programs and the courts recognize our program as worthy to complete your court ordered requirements.
  11. We can help you navigate working with Department of Children’s Services. We can assist you in completing visits even with parenting aids. We can add a Parenting Program to your treatment plan if need be.
  12. You will have a roommate in your room.
  13. We provide all your bedding and food. However, if you want to bring your own pillow, blanket, or snacks, you are welcome to do so. Bring what will make you feel at home.
  14. You must be ready and willing to get to work. Our program is not for everyone. It was built for people who want to change their life and make this the last treatment center they will go through. If you are just looking for a bed and a place to hang out, this is not the program for you.

Your Treatment Plan

  1. Your treatment plan will be developed with you to address your concerns.
  2. If you have addiction, we will identify WHY you continue to use and then we will treat that. We will treat the driving force of your addiction like anxiety, depression, racing thoughts, insomnia, worry, stress, self-esteem, co-dependency, grief, relationship issues, etc.
  3. If you only have mental health concerns we will help you with this as well. Our team is great at working with impulsivity, anger, psychosis, ADHD, and personality disorders to name a few.
  4. We will conduct family or couples counseling if needed.
  5. We also put a lot of emphasis on how you can build a life worth living for. So, we will help you piece back your life so you will be successful post treatment. For some this might be helping them get their id/license, social security card, birth certificate, complete taxes, open a bank account, get a job, find housing, etc.

Everyone has different needs, but we will identify your specific needs and help you develop a plan to help you get your needs met.